San Francisco

Start-Up Company Zendrive Determines Safest Routes to and from San Francisco

The commute to and from San Francisco has become a daily and sometimes daunting routine for thousands of commuters.

To help those commuting to the city daily a start-up called Zendrive conducted studies during the month of November to determine, not the fastest route to and from San Francisco, but rather the safest route.

The data is all collected by using sensors from a drivers smartphone to warn commuters about dangerous roads. 

“There are behaviors that you can avoid but you can’t control what other people are doing on the road,” said CEO and co-founder of Zendrive, Jonathan Matus.

The results of their November study revealed that it’s actually riskier to drive during lunch hour than during normal commuting hours. In fact, their study showed that the Golden Gate Bridge is the safest for morning commutes whereas the San Mateo Bridge is the most dangerous. According to Matus, the most dangerous highway for commuters in the Bay Area is I-280.

Drivers can check out the website for updates on the safest routes to use.

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