Start Your Own Bus Service on eBay

Muni bus ends up on eBay

Think you can do better than Muni? Prove it.

Start your own free bus service with an antique 60-foot articulated 1984 Muni bus, which is being auctioned on eBay for a mere opening bid of $2,300, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

The owners of the bus say it retired from Muni service to act in Hollywood movies like "The Italian Job" with Mark Whalberg and Charlize Theron.

The three-speed is in original Muni condition and is a "true head turner and is really fun to drive" and seats up to 55. Ironically enough it tops out at 55 mph and runs on diesel but don't ask how many miles are on the bus. The owners have no idea.

The auction ends on Saturday and payment is due in full three days after the close of the auction.

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