State Connects With City on Cell Phone Warning Labels

Telemundo 40

First San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom said we should do it for the kids and now State Sen. Mark Leno wants to add cell phone warning labels for an estimated 4 billion mobile phone users across the globe.

Leno is one of those people but because of health studies he has seen, the senator introduced a bill requiring all cell phones sold in California to include information about how much radiation the devices emit.

Newsom has been pushing a similar measure in San Francisco that is the model for Leno's bill. If the San Francisco measure is passed, cell phone retailers would be required to post cell phone radiation levels in the store in a font at least as large as the price tag -- graphically speaking.

Retailers are currently not required to disclose any radiation information and the Federal Communications Commission, which limits cellular radiation emissions to 1.6 watts per kilogram, says there is no scientific proof that the radiation emitted from cell phones is harmful to our health.

Information about just how likely it is your cell phone will kill you is readily available with a quick Google search.

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