Sysco Food Kept at Storage Sheds Served to Public

Exclusive: Investigative Unit uncovers secret Sysco food sheds across the Bay Area, spurring action by the CA Department of Public Health

Sysco Corporation, one of the nation’s largest food distributors, is under investigation by the California Department of Public Health looking into concerns over food safety.

This comes after an NBC Bay Area investigation uncovered more than a dozen outdoor storage sheds used by the company to keep perishable food items.

NBC Bay Area's surveillance cameras caught Sysco trucks delivering chicken, pork, steak, turkey, bacon, produce, and other food items to these outdoor metal sheds in the middle of the night.

Hours later, Sysco employees were observed picking up these food items in their personal cars and delivering the food to restaurants, swim centers and hotels.

State inspectors responded quickly, visiting sheds across Northern California to see for themselves what NBC Bay Area cameras uncovered.

NBC Bay Area reached out to Sysco to ask about these secret food sheds. The company declined to speak on camera but said in a statement:

“Our company policy states that Sysco-controlled drop-sites must be secure and equipped with refrigerator/freezer units. Sysco San Francisco has immediately ceased its practices in relation to these drop-sites and will review and implement the correct practices with its sales and delivery teams.”

Sysco employees tell NBC Bay Area this has been going on for years. Check back for updates on this developing story in the coming days.

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