Don’t Look Now! There’s Consensus in the Legislature

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Yes, the partisan gridlock in the California legislature is frustrating and, given the depts of the state's problems, scary.

But sometimes gridlock is not as scary as consensus.

So hide your eyes! Because there's a growing consensus among legislators -- both Democrats and Republicans. An optimistic consensus even.

That consensus: state tax revenues are about to come back in a big way.

So be afraid. Be very afraid.

Why? Because the optimism on both sides of the aisle is so very convenient. The Democrats are saying that tax revenues are coming back as a way to argue that some of the cuts they dislike in Gov. Jerry Brown's budget proposal don't need to be made.

And the Republicans are arguing that tax revenues are coming back as a way of arguing that Brown's November ballot initiative to raise taxes is unnecessary.

Better to hope for the best than prepare for the worst!

That's the kind of logic legislators of both parties can get behind.

And if history is any guide, pain-averse California voters are likely to follow suit -- opposing the cuts and the tax increases.

Gov. Brown's battle this year is very much an uphill one.

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