Stay-At-Home Dad Rejected From Joining Burlingame Mothers' Club

Mothers' group decides to accept man and family after NBC Bay Area story airs

A stay-at-home dad says a Bay Area moms' group told him he’s unwelcome because he is heterosexual.

Haran Yaffe runs a start-up from home so he can be with his daughter. He says he recently applied to join the Burlingame Mothers’ Club and was quickly rejected.

The mother's group explained via e-mail that he can't join because he is a straight man.

“Dear Haran, Unfortunately, we were unable to approve your request for membership to Burlingame Mothers’ Club,” the e-mail said.

Yaffe recounted the rest of the e-mail: “The group is for mothers. If your wife wants to join she’s welcome. Unless you are in a same-sex relationship with a child then we’d be happy to accept you.”

The issue raised questions about discrimination. After NBC Bay Area’s story aired Tuesday evening, the mothers’ group responded to requests for comment: "Unfortunately, Haran was given some wrong information due to a membership error. We sincerely apologize for our mistakes a look forward to welcoming him and his whole family."

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