Gay Marriage Trial Coming to YouTube — as a Reenactment

Reality television smacks into Court TV for this California drama

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A Southern California filmmaker found inspiration from the United States Supreme Court last week. After the justices put the kibosh on plans to show the Proposition 8 trial on YouTube, John Ireland saw an opportunity.

He decided he would reenact what happened in court and post his creation on the Web and on YouTube.

He put together a cast of 25 volunteer actors through a casting call on the SAG-approved casting network, then used partial transcripts from the trial and blogs reports to put together a script.

The team started with opening statements and plan to keep going until a verdict is read.

Just a few days into the project, his band of volunteers are hunkered down at the campus of USC reading off prompters, telling a story they hope viewers will find compelling.

Ireland said he is not editorializing the trial and is trying to "hold true to each witness" who takes the stand.

Ireland says he hopes to post the first episode Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

When asked about funding, Ireland said so far he's spent $27 on bagels and water, adding it was an all-volunteer project. He said he's filming at USC because that is where he has access to a law adviser.

Ireland and crew will post their creation on, followed by a posting on YouTube.

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