Steve Jobs Becomes a Fashion Icon in Rival Samsung's Home

An Apple inspired product is one of the hottest item going in South Korea this holiday season but it isn't an iPhone or an iPad -- or even a MacBook or an iPod.

In fact the Cupertino-based company does not make the product it helped push in South Korea but instead it comes from another iconic Bay Area company.

The blue Levi's 501 jeans often worn by Steve Jobs have become popular in South Korea partly because of the popularity of the late Apple co-founder.

A poll by South Korean department store Shinsegae said that the $150 a pair jeans are almost as popular as Apple products themselves.

The Los Angeles Times reports that 99 percent of South Korea's population under the age of 40 regularly uses the Internet and Apple's products are the kids' gateway drug of choice to get entangled in the web.

"In the case of Levi’s 501 jeans, they were sold out for four days at Shinsegae’s [flagship] store

after Jobs passed away Oct. 5," one store employee told the paper.

Meanwhile even Jobs sterile fashion sense is giving local smartphone and tablet maker Samsung another reason to deplore Apple and its trendsetting leader.

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