Steve Masters Makes Live 105 Comeback

Veteran rejoins station for morning show

Courtesy of Live 105

Aidin Vaziri's Loaded blog reports that Steve Masters is back in at Live 105 to host the new morning show Masters in the Morning beginning on April 1. The program will air from 6-9 a.m. Monday through Friday. Listeners of the station from years past will remember Surfer Spud, who will also return to the station to produce the show.

Masters was an on-air DJ at Live 105 from 1984 to 1998, during which time he created his own label Tripindicular Records. He later worked in the music and video game industries (forming his own company GotGame) and reappeared for a short stint in 2002, but this is no less than an epic and surprise return. Spud, who spent more than two decades at the station as the promotions director and manager, was at Pacific.FM in recent years and has his own surfpop band, Drifting Sand.

Full disclosure: This writer got her start in the music world through an internship offered by Spud in Live 105's promotion department in 1990. We came in the afternoons to work on newsletters, help with concerts, and open Steve Masters' promotional record mail, another piece in the puzzle that influenced our subsequent 20-year DJing and writing careers. Without their influence, we might not be here at The City.

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