Steve Wozniak First in Line for iPhone 4S

Steve Wozniak proved two things today: 1) He's a regular guy and 2) He's a real fan of  Apple

The Apple co-founder was waiting with the masses in order to ensure he was among the first hands to touch the new iPhone 4S.

Woz and his trusty Segway showed up at his local Apple store in Los Gatos Thursday and said he was planning to stay overnight.  He added he already has two phones coming to his house, but he doesn't mind hanging out for one more for his wife.

This is not Wozniak's first rodeo. He's waited in many-a-line to get his hands on Apple products.

Below is a clip from 2007 at Valley Fair where Woz waited for more than nine hours alongside other Apple fans.

Woz was one of a about five people who were in line around 2 p.m. on Santa Cruz Avenue in downtown Los Gatos.

Thursday he said he planned to pass the time by getting caught up on his email, when not chatting with fans, who were already flocking to take a pic, or share a story with the Apple co-founder.

When we asked him if what he was going to do if he needed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, he said he had no bathroom plan as of yet, but generally people are pretty easy-going in line, and know if someone is trying to cut or not.

He said in the past he's always been willing to wait in line, but often fans in line insist he go ahead.

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