Last Day to Follow Your Nose to Gilroy

Celebrate the Stinkin 'Rose

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Gilroy Garlic Festival

Pack your breath mints.

The 31st annual Garlic Fest wraps up today in Gilroy.

The event boasts 10 tons of garlic beef, four tons of garlic pasta, another four of garlic calamari, a couple tons of garlic scampi, loads of garlic frog legs, several slices of garlic watermelon, tubs of garlic ice cream and loaves upon loaves of garlic bread. Find all these and more at Gourmet Alley.

That's right  -- garlic ice cream. You can even have your scoop in a slice of cantaloupe.

Tens of thousands of people have already made the trek to Christmas Hill Park to take in the aroma that is often wafting through town.  We're not kidding.  You can smell the garlic as you head south on 101 toward Gilroy.

Plan accordingly.  The traffic on the way to the festival - uh, stinks.

We're curious, what kind of recipes -- besides the traditional ones -- do you think could use a garlic boost? Post your suggestions in the comment field below.

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