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Stolen Car Tracking System Aids Berkeley Police in Nabbiing Thieves

Officers find guns, drugs and items related to identity theft upon arresting two suspects

Berkeley PD

A stolen car tracking system alerted Berkeley police to two suspected identity thieves found with drugs and weapons at the Berkeley Marina on Monday night, police said.

The BMW Assist stolen vehicle tracking system alerted police that the car was parked near the Dock O parking lot at 10:20 p.m.

When police arrived they found the car with two suspects inside. Police detained them both and realized they were on probation for identity theft, police said.

When they searched the car, police found two handguns, 1.25 grams of suspected methamphetamine, credit cards, checks, consumer profiles and mail belonging to several victims, police said.

Police arrested both suspects. One was identified as Travis Penaluna, 25, of El Sobrante and the other was identified as Christina Taylor, 32, of Kensington.

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