Stop Parking Like an A**hole

Website lets you ticket people who can't park their cars correctly.

San Francisco's parking situation already comes close to the federal definition of "torture." And when annoying neighbors -- or even worse: tourists -- continue to take up multiple spots for their not-so-cool car, you're often left with no choice but to slash a few tires.

But one website may help you vent your frustration in a more productive way. Youparklikeana** has tickets you can print out and give to anyone responsible for an idiotic parking job.

Just put a check mark next to the person's offense and leave it under their windshield wiper. Options include "UMMM..A LITTLE TOO CLOSE," "DIAGONAL PARKING: NOT SO COOL CAR" and "TOO CLOSE TO MY DRIVEWAY." There's also a more to the point "YOU'RE JUST AN A**HOLE PARKER" option.

Download a few tickets here, put them in your glove compartment and you'll be ready next time the opportunity arises. You can also submit photos of poor parking jobs to the site's photo gallery.

Andy, the creator of the site and also an elementary school teacher, told CNN about 500,000 people have visited the site in the past four years and 175,000 tickets were downloaded. Many of the visitors were people who saw the website's url on a ticket they got.

They can "see what they did wrong and hopefully maybe learn how to correct it," Andy said.

Sure, the word "a**hole" might offend someone who finds one of these tickets on their car, but Andy said the word "'Jerk' is too nice." There is also a section of the site dedicated to the large amounts of hate mail he receives.

A little name calling has got to be better than getting a real ticket, just ask Oakland Mayor-Elect Jean Quan. Her car got the boot outside City Hall when she failed to pay $1,440 in fines.

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