Classrooms at Dublin Elementary School Damaged During Storm

The latest round of storms brought down part of the roof at Dublin Elementary School in Dublin, damaging some classrooms in the process.

During heavy rain and strong winds, the roof leaked, forcing three classrooms and a multi-purpose space to be relocated.

The school is almost 60 years old, and parents and teachers say it has been showing every bit of its age recently.

During a meeting Monday night, the Dublin Unified School District school board received an earful about the state of the campus.

The school board ended up allocating $33 million for campus renovations. The allotment was already on the agenda, but the recent storm damage seemed to put a punctuation mark on the conversation.

"It's necessary, it's time," parent and teacher Julie Moylan said. "The school's the same as when I went here."

An electronic sign at Dublin Elementary School was cycling a message Tuesday thanking the school board. Maintenance workers nearby could be seen addressing the roof damage.

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