#HellaStorm, #Stormageddon, #Rainpocalypse: Californians Joke About Storm

With the most powerful rainstorm in five years hitting the Bay Area on Thursday, drought-weary Californians took heed of warnings to stay off the roads, while also taking time to poke fun at all the storm hype.

#Stormageddon, #Rainpocalypse and #HellaStorm quickly became hashtags, with Twitter users such as Deborah Nuisuler prioritizing what she should do as thousands lost power because of the gusting winds and slick rains.

"I should brush my teeth before the power goes out," she tweeted. "God forbid I have to use a manual toothbrush.  #priorities #stormageddon"

Many had the day off school or work because of the power outages througout the Bay Area, and took time to send in photos of them reading or snuggling with their pets.

For others though, the big #BayAreaStorm was a chance to telecommute.

"Still haven't lost power or internet," tweeted Lara Kesler. "This is the best #hellastorm ever. #workfromhome."

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