Stricter Rules Squeezing Events From Golden Gate Park

It's getting tougher to throw a party in Golden Gate Park.

With Richmond and Sunset District residents continually complaining about noise from the area, the parks department is enacting stricter rules on enforcing permits for events.

Organizers will have to submit requests by November of the year prior and must perform a significant amount of outreach.

Events will also have to be scheduled at least three weeks away from any other major event in the same area of the park.

But the new rules are also causing a bit of noise.

Our friends at the Examiner tell us Jimmy's Old Car Picnic, which raises thousands of dollars for disabled kids, won't be happening this year for the first time in more than 20 years. The problem with their event isn't the cars on the grass or motors revving. Instead, it's just timing. The car show falls just a week after Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, so their permit was denied.

The car show's organizer, Jimmy O'Keffe, told the Examiner that he suspects the Parks and Recreation Department just wanted to fill the calendar with events that generate more money for the department.

Other events axed because of the new rules are the Summer of Love Global Garden concert in April, a Memorial Day Half Marathon, a Love is Power 12k run and an Alcatraz triathlon.

A concert is known to be noisy, but we're still trying to figure out what kind of ruckus a bunch of runners can cause. Again they prove, timing is everything.

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