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String of Crashes on One San Jose Street Has Neighbors on Edge

Neighbors on a San Jose street say they have seen crash after crash, and they're calling for the city to step in and do something.

It's on a stretch of Coe Avenue in the city's Willow Glen neighborhood. Neighbors say a utility pole was hit a couple weeks ago, another neighbor lost a tree and multiple parked cars have been totaled.

"I've lost several vehicles," resident Susan Herrold said.

Almost every neighbor has a story about the time someone crashed into one of their cars or yards.

Herrold's daughter's car was parked on the street and hit. She’s lost shrubs and trees around her home. Some of the drivers were drunk, and all of them were speeding.

"One is the traffic speed, and the other is ... there's a very fine example for you," she said as a car peels out nearby.

Jeffrey Wood is organizing homeowners to ask the city for help in slowing down traffic on the block that connects to downtown Willow Glen. He says there have been 11 crashes in the past few years.

"It's bad. It is bad," Wood said. "It's a very sharp curve, and they can see the light, so when they see the light, they step on it, and they have a tendency of losing control."

Residents have put up "Slow Down" signs with no luck. Now, the city's Department of Transportation says it will complete a stop sign study to see where one could be installed and if it will help.

"So we're just waiting, and hopefully no more accidents," Wood said. "But unfortunately, we don't (usually) go six months without one."

The study is expected to be done by November.

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