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String of Postal Truck Break-Ins in the Bay Area Continue

Two locked postal trucks were broken into in Willow Glen on Monday contributing to the string of break-ins that began last spring through the Bay Area.

Despite added patrols, and beefed up security, postal truck thefts continue. A total of 19 trucks have been reported broken-into in San Jose since last spring.

Two different postal trucks that were parked a block from each other on Mildred Avenue in Willow Glen were broken into on the same day, something postal inspectors say is unusual.

"Two break-ins in such a short time frame is very concerning to us," said U.S. Postal Inspector Jeff Fitch.

The string of break-ins have been of concern to Bay Area residents especially because thieves have been known to steal both letters and packages.

"I get checks in the mail all the time," said San Jose resident Jenna Vaccaro. "I'm a freelancer so I rely on my mail to get my income. The break-ins are an absolute concern."

Investigators say thieves recently targeted mail trucks in Pleasant Hill, Antioch and Richmond, but it’s not clear whether the thefts are related. In San Jose, the postal service is still trying to determine just how many customers in the Willow Glen area were impacted by the break-ins on Monday.

"What we are asking is for you to keep an eye out and check your bank statements in the next three or four weeks," said Fitch.

Fitch said some arrests in connection with previous break-ins have been made but he did not reveal details about the suspects in the latest thefts. He encourages Willow Glen residents who may notice changes in their bank statements to contact the U.S. Postal Service.

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