Stripper Stalker Spooks Google Founders

A San Francisco woman, who has already been accused of stalking and terrorizing Zynga chief executive Mark Pincus, also sneaked into Google headquarters and left an "angry letter" for Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin last month.

The woman, Vera Svechina, 37, described as an amateur filmmaker, former hostess in Japan and stripper from Russia, followed a "visually impaired Google worker" through a security door and then proceeded to an empty desk outside of one of the co-founders' office and left a letter and book written in Russian, the San Jose Mercury News reported Friday.

Police said the letter wasn't threatening exactly, but was "angry in parts."

Pincus had filed a restraining order against Svechina and was granted the court order last month for " a credible threat of violence," according to Business Insider. In numerous voicemails, emails and blog posts, Svechina had allegedly said Zynga was her father's idea, his children were "ugly babies" and "I wish them all the worst." (Pincus said he knew Svechina, who had dated a friend of his "years earlier.")

Apparently Svechina has a penchant for Silicon Valley because in the Pincus proceedings, he points out that she allegedly says that Google co-founders Brin and Page killed her father and has a beef with Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Svechina is already known by the Mountain View Police Department. In May 2010, Svechina filed a complaint against Google with the department, saying that the tech giant was sending messages to her brain.

"She thought they were inside her head," Liz Wylie, police spokeswoman, told the Mercury News. She was placed into a 72-hour hold at a hospital..

After a look a Svechina's blog, it's not hard to see there may be some disordered thinking going on.

However, remember that she is innocent of all accusations until proven guilty.

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