Student Faces Charges After Arrest During Berkeley Rally

22-year-old woman is the only one to be charged so far of the 13 people arrested Sunday

A college student was formally charged Tuesday with battery and resisting arrest while counter-protesting over the weekend in Berkeley, police said.

Of the 13 people arrested during the Berkeley rally Sunday, 22-year-old Yesania Mendez is the only one who has been charged so far.

Police said at about 12:55 p.m. Sunday at Civic Center Park in Berkeley, Mendez threw an apple at a Berkeley police officer at high velocity, refused to comply with officers, then used her dog as a defense mechanism when officers tried to take her into custody.

Mendez eventually was taken to the ground and placed in handcuffs, but she later escaped the hold and fled from officers, police said. She was apprehended again and later booked into Santa Rita Jail in Dublin.

The San Francisco State University student on Tuesday dabbed away tears as she pleaded not guilty to the battery and resisting charges. Mendez's family called the allegations ridiculous, and her attorney called her actions not criminal but courageous.

Police have said of the 13 people arrested in Berkeley, 11 were in violation of banned items, and two were on suspicion of felony assault.

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