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Summer Travel: It's Not Too Late to Get Reasonable Air Fare

Airline ticket prices typically hit their peak in June, but travel pros say now may be a good time to book a summer vacation.

Those who typically buy their tickets six months in advance could be paying a lot more than if they waited until about 2-3 months in advance, the experts say.

"It's not too late to book your summer travel," said Hayley Berg of Hopper travel. "We're seeing great deals are still available for late summer, August and September."

Berg had a few more tips for those looking at a summer family getaway, such as booking on a Tuesday no longer guarantees the best air fares, since airline computer programs now constantly change ticket prices based on real-time demand.

"The truth is that air fare changes so constantly that there isn't really a single day of the week where you're guaranteed to get the best deal," she said.

Higher fares usually come at night and on weekends when everyone is trying to book, so it would be wise to fare-compare midday during the week.

Number two: Round-trip tickets are not always cheaper. Buying one-way tickets can save up to 10% on some U.S. flights and 18% on international trips. And a flier can save up to 5% if they choose to make a stop, rather than fly direct.

Finally, Tuesdays and Saturdays are usually the cheapest days to fly since fewer business travelers are flying.

Friday is the most expensive day to fly.

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