Sun Microsystems CEO Set to Quit: Report

Jonathan Schwartz expected to leave after Oracle deal

So long, ponytail.

Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz always cut an unusual figure among Silicon Valley's tech set, with his ponytail, Noe Valley address, and foodie affectations.

He'll have a lot more time to try San Francisco restaurants, according to AllThingsD, which reports that the 44-year-old executive is set to quit shortly after Oracle completes its acquisition of the innovative computer hardware and software concern.

He'll also have a lot of money to spend: The severance package he negotiated, including his stake in Sun, totals $17 million.

Sun has not yet commented on the AllThingsD report.

Sun and Oracle are expected to announce the completion of the merger on Wednesday. Oracle, known for swiftly and sometimes brutally integrating companies it acquires, could kick things off with thousands of layoffs.

Oracle swept in to acquire Sun, known for its Solaris operating system and Java programming language, last year after IBM courted Sun but balked at a deal.

Oracle's acquisition of Sun is controversial in the open-source community. Oracle, the largest commercial database software maker, will control MySQL, an open-source database Sun acquired in 2008.

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