Sun Quickly Setting on Domestic Partner Tax Relief

Deadline: June 30

Domestic partners hit with huge property-tax hikes have a few hours left to get their money back.

Property tax laws enacted before 2006 don't treat domestic partners the same as married couples when it comes to taxing them on property. So, gay couples and seniors who owned property together were hit with steep reassessment and property tax increases if one of the partners died.

A bill that went into effect last year reversed that ruling, making thousands of couples eligible for a reassessment and possibly refund through their county's tax assessment office.

But the time is ticking on the deadline: 5 p.m. June 30.

Applications that are received and approved before today's deadline will see the reduction reflected on their October 2010 property tax bill.

Homeowners who miss today's deadline will be stuck with the higher property tax for as long as they own the home they bought with their former partner.

Domestic partners who have lost their certificates can check the domestic partnership registry for a copy.

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