Sunnyvale, VTA Work to Address Heavy Traffic Issues

Sunnyvale city leaders and Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority officials on Thursday asked residents to weigh in on solutions for the so-called "Mathilda Monster" traffic mess.

A surge in development has sparked heavy traffic in Sunnyvale, now home to offices for the likes of Google, Yahoo and Motorola. The worst traffic spot in town is where Highway 101 and Highway 237 meet up with Mathilda Avenue.

In January, the area was dubbed the third worst spot for traffic in the Bay Area.

Many people who attended the city and VTA meeting demanded that bike routes and pedestrian options be a priority.

Designs for a traffic solution could take up to two years, with an initial price tag of about $21 million. It is possible the construction could be completed in 2019.

"The county is only growing in exponential numbers in jobs and people," said Brandi Childress with the VTA. "We're here trying to figure out how to best move people in the county."

Some said, no matter what they do, there is just too many people and nowhere for them to go.

"It's somewhat maddening, you know, Fridays are OK, but other than that it's pretty severe out," commuter Alex Weis said.

VTA officials said after Thursday's public hearing, they will conduct environmental impact studies to see what kind of project woulod best suit the area.

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