SunPower Chooses San Jose as HQ

SunPower knows the way to San Jose

You can chalk up another business that choose the city of San Jose as their base of operations.

SunPower Corp. announced Tuesday it will relocate its headquarters to an existing three-building campus in San Jose next spring.

SunPower designs, manufactures and delivers solar technology.

The new headquarters will house the company’s corporate staff. SunPower has about 6,000 employees around the world and about a thousand in the U.S. Most of those are here in the Bay Area already.

Mayor Chuck Reed said SunPower's new campus will serve as a showcase for innovation and green investment. "It has been a pleasure to partner with SunPower on its plans to expand its headquarters presence, and R&D, engineering job base in San Jose," Reed said.

CEO Tom Werner credit's San Jose's economic incentives for helping the company make the decision to stick in the South Bay. SunPower's press release says San Jose prepared a $2.5 million economic incentive package for the company over the next five years for permitting, workforce assistance, and utility and sales tax reimbursement. They also noted it still needs city council approval.

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