Sunrise at Monterey Bay Aquarium

The sigh-inducing wallpaper is free, at the MBA site.

WHAT'S AN OTTER DOING FIRST THING? How does a sardine yawn and blink and wake up? Does an octopus stretch each of his many arms, one by one, after a solid night's rest? Well... It can be easy to apply the activities we humans traditionally do when the day begins to those ocean animals we find particularly endearing (and, honest now, that's every last one of them). The fact is, of course, that the beasties of the glub-glub don't fry eggs or pour cereal everywhere in the A.M., nor do they hunt down a fresh tube of toothpaste, which they swore they bought on their last trip to the market. Rather, they're pursuing they're own otterly, sardine-ish, octo-awesome routines, and we understand that, no matter how many animated films we've seen. But the fact is that whatever happens at sunrise, the ocean itself is quite spectacular, as is the...

MONTEREY BAY AQUARIUM, which just happens to be home to sardines and cephalapods and, yes, you betcha, those world-famous otters, too. And while the monthly free wallpaper provided by the Cannery Row aquarium — it's downloadable, in various sizes, from the web site — frequently depicts some sort of critter that calls the landmark home the August scene is a serene one, and totally about the new day, the spectacular sky, and the historical building itself (yes, it's the site of the former Hovden Cannery, which is well-depicted inside via an excellent display). If you need to soak up some morning beachiness, and Monterey marvelousness, each time you turn on your computer for the next few weeks, well, understood. Otters don't make waffles, and sardines don't shower, but we can all appreciate an ocean morning with a beloved aquarium in the foreground.

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