Sun's Latest Layoff Plans Made Public

It came as a surprise to just about no one that Santa Clara-based Sun Microsystems is going to eliminate a few thousand more jobs.

Up to 3,000 to be more exact, according to a regulatory filing that was made public Tuesday.  It was not immediately clear how many of the layoffs have already happened, and how many are still pending. 

Redwood Shores-based Oracle agreed to pay $7.4 billion back in April.   The layoffs will come over the next year as Sun awaits that takeover bid.   The deal is being held up by European antitrust authorities.  The sticking point is a concerned about possible harm to the database software market.
They are the latest in a series of job cuts for Sun. 

And the hits don't stop there.  The Wall Street Journal reports Sun's entire business is in limbo, citing Larry Ellison's revelation that Sun is losing $100 million a month.

An Oracle executive told gathered financial analysts last week that Oracle expects "very, very quick changes right out of the box" once the deal is done.

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