Surfers Ride 40-Foot Waves at Mavericks in Half Moon Bay

High surf advisories throughout California's coast on Thursday did not stop surfers from testing the rough waters in Half Moon Bay.

Surfers also dropped into huge waves at one of the most dangerous and notorious surf spots in the country, Mavericks, just north of Half Moon Bay. Surf reports said waves at Mavericks were as high as 40 feet.

Surfer Maxum Kremenstsky admitted the conditions at Mavericks on Thursday were out of his league.

"I ended up hitting a big wall out there and turning around," he said.

Some of the professionals avoided the tiring and dangerous paddle out, using jet skis to reach the swells.

"There were some solid waves," surfer Travis Eayn said.

From the cliff at Pillar Point in Half Moon Bay, photographer tried to predict which waves surfers would dare to ride.

There was one injury reported Thursday when a surfer suffered a dislocated shoulder.

The high surf advisory is in effect until 10 a.m. Friday.

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