Surveillance Video Shows Armed Burglars Breaking Into San Jose Home

A San Jose family is on edge after hiding in their home while two armed men ransacked the house in the Evergreen neighborhood.

"We are still in shock," Beni Kaur said. "It was a terrible experience."

Kaur said she received a frantic call Friday afternoon from her sister and mother-in-law, who she now calls heroes for saving her daughter's life. "I was crying because the little one inside. They could have done anything (like) putting a knife on her head," Kaur said.

The burglary at Shiloh Place, a normally quiet area with multi-million dollar homes, was caught on surveillance video. Footage from the surveillance video shows two men peeking into the home to see if anyone is inside. Once the men get inside the home they grab knives from the kitchen, disconnect the phone line and start searching the house for valuables.

The two men also point at the bedroom when they realize people are home. The pair then work to get inside the room by kicking the door and trying to push their way inside.

Kaur's sister inside the room struggled to keep the door shut, surveillance video showed.

After about a minute the suspects run down the stairs and leave through the front door.

Kaur said her family will not feel safe inside their own home until the suspects are caught.

"We need to put those people behind bars," Kaur said. "We are the current victims. Anyone can be next."

Police said there have been more than a dozen burglaries in the Evergreen area in the past month.

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