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Suspicious Blaze Destroys High School Baseball Team’s Snack Shack in San Jose, School Property Vandalized

A snack shack next to a high school baseball field in San Jose was engulfed by flames early Tuesday, and school officials said the blaze was set intentionally.

The Branham High School baseball team's snack shack, which was revamped last year by an Eagle Scout, was stamped as a complete loss, according to fire officials. Two nearby baseball sheds were also damaged and broken into, and a special education classroom's windows were cracked during the apparent vandalism spree, Branham High School Principal Cheryl Lawton said.

Snack Shack, School Property Damaged at San Jose High School

Fire crews were dispatched to the high school around 2:30 a.m. and quickly doused the flames, but the damage to the shack was already done. Flames had already charred most of the building's interior and external walls, according to fire officials. It wasn't until daybreak when fire and school officials noticed that the school building and nearby sheds, which housed equipment for the baseball team and school's recycling club, had been damaged as well.

It is unclear how the blaze started, but officials originally said the fire was suspicious because it started at the base of the shack's door.

The fire and theft of baseball supplies from the sheds cost the team roughly $10,000, according to the squad. It is unclear exactly how much money in supplies the recycling club lost.

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Someone broke into the snack shack last weekend before stealing candy and soda intended for a fundraiser, according to Dan Seoane, President of Branham Sports Boosters. An estimated $450 worth of goodies were stolen during that theft.

The snack shack each week typically generates a couple hundred dollars in revenue, which is used exclusively for the baseball program, Seoane said.

An investigation is ongoing, and authorities are reviewing surveillance that captured multiple suspects committing the offenses.

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