Swastika Found at UC Santa Cruz Prompts Campus to ‘Take a Stand Against Hate'

A swastika found on the University of California, Santa Cruz has the campus taking new steps to stop the hate.

The university has seen dozens of hate incidents over the past year. The campus said hate crimes are unacceptable and is now offering a new way for students to report them.

University officials on Friday said they are aware of four dozen incidents of racism reported on campus this year.

"We recognize how disturbing it is," said Scott Hernandez, UC Santa Cruz director of media relations. "It was found just as Hanukkah was about to start, at a time students are already stressed about finals and the end of the quarter."

UC Santa Cruz has launched a website to make it easy for students to report hate. The effort is being called "Take a Stand Against Hate" and encourages students to pull out their phones, log in and report what they see.

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