Swimming at Hearst Castle Isn't Just a Daydream

The landmarks' Neptune and Roman Pools will open on select 2019 nights to a limited number of 'Foundation At Hearst Castle' members

YOU'VE DIPPED A TOE... in the Pacific Ocean, and maybe the Atlantic, too. Your feet might have met the water in the Rio Grande, and the Mississippi, and all of the Great Lakes, and several other H2O-famous spots. But it isn't as likely that your tootsies have touched the wet stuff found within the Neptune Pool or Roman Pool at Hearst Castle in San Simeon. Why? Because these particularly posh swimming holes are not open to the visitors who call upon William Randolph Hearst's out-sized abode for tours. Meaning that slipping out of your sandals and going for a quick dip is very much verboten, and something that is Definitely Not Done. But things do change, and for those people who've had "swim at the Hearst Castle Neptune or Roman Pool" on their ultimate daydream list, the time is again nigh to buy a ticket. For word comes from...

THE FOUNDATION AT HEARST CASTLE... that both pools will be available, on select nights, to those who buy tickets, for swimming. Good to know? It isn't a both-pools-on-one-night kind of thing; the indoor Roman Pool Swim is scheduled for certain evenings, as is the outdoor Neptune Pool Swim, so you'll need to choose if your bucket-list budget only allows for one (a challenging task, for sure). Secondly? Tickets go on sale on July 1 for select nights available in July, August, September, and October, so set your alarm, calendar, and alerts, for only a limited number of spots are available.

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THIRD? Your big swim day will include other special treats, like "Central California's finest wines and craft beers," plus bites, plus a screening of the film "Building the Dream." And fourth? This is open to members, so becoming a foundation member is your next step, if you're not. Consider this a fantastic way to support one of the Golden State's most magnificent architectural treasures. And, your memory is correct: The Neptune Pool did open to swimmers, for a night, in 2018. If you missed that chance, it looks as if it is splashing back your way.

ALL OF THE DETAILS? Right here, San Simeon splashers. It's certainly bucket-list-y, and direct from the "once-in-a-lifetime files." But if you've longed to dip a toe in one or both of this spectacular swimming holes, that moment has come.

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