Syrian Refugee Hopes Trump Relents On New Travel Ban

The White House hasn't released specifics about the new executive order on immigrants' traveling to the U.S., and a Syrian refugee living in the Bay Area can only hope it doesn't close the door on people looking for a safe life.

"If you know anything will make you arrested, and arrested means death for you, it wouldn't be a life you would like to live," said Khaled Turkmani, who lived a life of fear in Syria after speaking his mind on social media.

The 30-year-old refugee left everything behind in 2011 to seek asylum in the United States.

"Every day is like a dream to me," he said. "I am in the United States."

Turkmani knows refugees from Syria dream of a safe life in America. He says the initial executive order signed by President Donald Trump banning travelers and refugees from seven mostly-Muslim countries left people in danger.

"They're praying every minute to get out of that situation," Turkmani said.

A federal judge blocked the initial order in early Febraury, and Trump is expected to issue a new one this week. Turkmani is hopeful the new order will be less restrictive.

"Not because I am Syrian," he said. "I don't have feeling because I'm Muslim. I am human, and the president is human too."

Attorneys offered free legal services for travelers caught up in the first ban. Organizers of that effort say they are signing lawyers up for shifts at San Francisco International Airport. Those shifts may begin as soon as the president signs his new order.

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