Tablets, Smartphones Forcing Companies to Spend on Security

Cisco should remember to send a Christmas card to Apple this year for all the business the iPad-maker is drumming up for the network security company.

Companies are being forced to spend more money to defend their networks, in part, because more and more employees bring their smartphones and tablets into work, according to a new study by Canalys.

"Organizations are investing to protect against the rise in denial-of-service attacks," Canalys Analyst Nushin Hernandez said. "They are also having to cope with increasing numbers of personal smart phones and pads that are being brought into the workplace by employees. The need for more integrated solutions has also become paramount; tougher compliance regulations are forcing organizations to deploy broader security capabilities."

The value of the network security market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa was estimate at about $674 million in the last quarter of 2011.

One of the biggest winners in the growing market is the network security industry leader Cisco.

"Cisco extended its lead over the competition this quarter by securing key high-end deals coupled
with aggressive pricing," Hernandez said. "A refresh of its ASA products and additions to its mid-range appliances will help it maintain its strong position in the high-end firewall segment and open up the competitive midmarket in 2012. Its security business will grow, but it must work with channel partners to win more security-specific deals in addition to succeeding with networking business add-on sales."


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