Surveillance Video Shows Armed Suspects Storm Emeryville Target, Steal Money

Emeryville police on Tuesday released surveillance footage of a brazen take-over robbery that took place at a Target on Saturday just after midnight.

The footage captured three masked men — one armed with a handgun and another armed with a rifle — run into the store located at 1555 40th St. and order people to drop to the ground at gunpoint, according to police.

Roughly 1 minute after bursting into the store, the men escaped with an unknown amount of money, according to police.

The suspects fled in a silver sedan, police said.

"These individuals who committed this robbery on Saturday morning were completely covered up, so we have some difficulty in identifying who they are," Emeryville police Capt. Oliver Collins said.

Collins is hoping someone who sees the video might just know who one or more of the men are; perhaps a friend, co-worker or even a relative will recognize a gun, clothing or the way one of them walks or other mannerisms.

"Those small pieces of information are things that we would further investigate to look for additional leads," he said.

Hitting the store at closing time, when the register cash was collected, could also be an important clue, Collins said.

"It does not seem coincidental," he said. "I think there was some sort of either knowledge or background in retail establishments and the close-down procedure that retail establishments have."

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