#TakeiTuesday Pays Off for Fans on G+

Fans rally for George Takei to interact on Google Plus.

UPDATE: At 2:29 p.m. PT, George did post a photo of a Jeopardy answer mentioning his Star Trek character, Sulu.


#TakeiTuesday, or #WilliamShatnerWednesday?

George Takei has been big on the social media front as of late, but noticeably absent from one arena - Google Plus. There has been a Google Plus account with his name on it for some time, but no activity, or even mention of it - until yesterday.

Popular G+ user, and Star Trek fangirl, Stephanie Van Pelt, made a post rallying fans to see if they could get a response from Takei and get him active on his G+ account.

She coined the hashtag #TakeiTuesday, for fans to use in order to grab the actor's attention.

Van Pelt said:

"G+ is a community full of sci-fi geeks and nerds. We have an amazing, vibrant community. Us geeks and nerds are pretty great at fandom - look at all our conventions. Now we have a star like George Takei who's embracing social media, but he's neglecting a key area that is densely populated with his core demographic. He's funny, witty and a sheer joy to follow. We all miss him here!"

Fans posted, and managed to grab Takei's ear. On his Facebook page, he wrote:

"Fans on google+ started #TakeiTuesday that trended to #2 yesterday. My twitter feed was awash with it! So, I'm negotiating with Brad over whether I've the time to establish a new base on google+ in addition to my FB, Twitter and Pinterest. In the meantime, I've got a little pied-à-terre there now. Brad said if we get 250K fans to "circle" me (did I say that right?) it might be worth populating the profile with content. So, we'll see."

However, like all things Internet - there is drama.

If you go to Takei's G+ profile, you'll see that while it is verified, there are no posts. It seems he's sticking to the plan not to post until he reaches 250k followers.

Fellow shipmate, William Shatner, chimed in on his own Google Plus page saying:

"What's this about George and needing 250k plussers to interact? Is that true? Good grief or should I say good greedy?"

Oh myyy.

It should be pointed out that Shatner has nearly a million and a half followers.

Maybe there's a reason Sulu was only captain of the Excelsior.

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