Target Sets Sights on San Francisco

Getty Images

Shopping in San Francisco could become a big box experience in two locations if one major retailer has its way.

Target wants to open two new stores in San Francisco and has been looking at ways to make sure the mainstream stores would fit into the City's unique look and feel. One of the new stores would be in the Metreon Entertainment Center, south of market; the other would be at the City Center Shopping Plaza on Geary.

Executives from Target announced their plans for the Metreon location at a neighborhood meeting Wednesday night to discuss the Geary location plans. Even though big box stores are usually not welcome in the trendy city, residents are more open to bringing in Target.

Residents were quick to tell store representatives what they want if Target moves to town. The overall theme: traffic and urban shoppers' needs. Bike accomodations, rideshare and bus service options are among the demands from residents to make Target fit into the area.

Between 200 - 250 people would be put to work at each of the Target stores, company execs said.

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