Tattered Pride a Problem in Castro

Rainbow banners are history, but history is getting in the way of keeping them part of City landscape.

AFP/Getty Images

The rainbow flag has long been the symbol of gay pride, so it makes sense that they have been flying in the City's Castro District for years.

But the Examiner reported Monday that even though the banners are beginning to look a little tattered, they can not legally be replaced.  They can stay as they are legally, but improving them in any way gets sticky.

Blame preservation laws.  The posts that hold the banners were designated historical in the early 90s and that means you can't hang anything permanent on them because it might just cause rust or chip the historic paint.

Supervisor Bevan Dufty thinks he has a solution. He'll pitch his plan, which puts new banners on a "Path of Gold" along Market Street, at a Historic Preservation Commission meeting next week.

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