Tech Celebrities, They're Just Like Us

Papparazzo follows Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg around Palo Alto

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has made it his mission to connect everyone on the world to each other and then provide that data to the highest bidder.

For instance, a security researcher has managed to create a dabatase with the names of 171 million Facebook users (approximately 34 percent of the company reported 500 million) and their associated profile URL. A a profile will display, no matter what, at least your photo and a list of your Facebook "friends," along with anything you haven't set to private.

Meaning that while Facebook won't identifity individual users when helping advertisers target specific types of user, other companies may soon be a be able to.

So keep that all in mind when you considering that Valleywag hired a photographer to stalk Zuckerberg on his weekend rounds in Palo Alto, following him around from home to Stanford to a frotty bar with coworkers, heading to a party and reporting for Mandarin language lessons.

All while earring his typical, lazy and boring t-shirt, jeans and shower shoes.

It was meant to suggest the same level of scrutiny that regular follows public figures in Hollywood or Washington, and Silicon Valley has to admit -- the company was basically asking for it.

Heck, Zuckerber has set off the tech press once again after downloading the Facebook for Android application after complaining about the iPhone he replaced his Blackberry with.

That said, don't expect Zuckerberg to get similar treatment from US magazine -- compared to Kanye West, who performed briefly at company headquarters on Monday.

Jackson West figures Zuck should be thinking about hiring a real publicist.

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