Silicon Valley Tech Internships Paying as High as $96,000 a Year

It’s no mystery that tech companies pay well.

Not just lucrative stock options, but in this hyper-competitive market, companies like Facebook, Apple, and Salesforce have to pay well, or else they’ll lose talent to other tech firms.

But have you seen the money interns are pulling in?

According to job review site Glassdoor (the companies themselves are much quieter about their pay rates), tech companies shell out for interns, too.

Facebook tops the Glassdoor list, paying a reported $8,000 a month for top interns.

Salesforce and Google each pay interns about $7,500/month; Uber tops $7K, Apple is just a shade lower.

The reason? Obviously, they have the cash, but these firms also want the top interns.

Get them in the door, they figure, and they’re more likely to hook them as employees.

For even more money.

Scott tracks tech on Twitter @scottbudman

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