Tech Reporter Tweets Away the Day with iPhone Updates

Budman is a good little twitterer!

NBC Tech Reporter Scott Budman tweeted throughout his morning in an attempt to keep the online world satiated with updates about the changes coming to the third generation of Apple's flagship product the iPhone.

 Budman began his tweet stream at about 9:30 a.m. and kept going throughout the morning.

If you would like to see the whole thing, go to

Here's a sample of what Scott tweeted this morning:

@scottbudman Apple investors, by the way, seeing lots of St. Pat's Day green. Good day for AAPL.

@scottbudman On the diabetes app: very helpful, ways to track food, glucose levels, etc.

@scottbudman   Johnson & Johnson now up to talk about medical apps. New way to manage diabetes with iphone.

@scottbudman ESPN on stage now .. Updating to native app development. Adding new ways to use it's Alerts (with that well-known ESPN tone, and more video)

@scottbudman Oracle now showing its new business apps for 3.0. Simulating a teddy bear store, maybe because Oracle is so cuddly.

@scottbudman Gotta say, this is very realistic version of The Sims .. Looks improved for version 3.

@scottbudman Electronic Arts talking about new games on iPhone .. Showing new update of The Sims for your phone.

@scottbudman Meebo showing off its iPhone app.

@scottbudman Now, developers are demo-ing how the iPhone is helping them (I.e., Meebo).

@scottbudman In-app email, in-game voice chat, ipod library changes .. among the new features of 3.0

@scottbudman Called unified push notification. For all developers, to let you know what's out there.

To see the rest of Budman's tweets, go to

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