San Francisco

Tech Workers in San Francisco Feel Threatened by Long Term Residents

Tech workers are feeling targeted in San Francisco and many are blaming the industry for sky-rocketing housing costs that are pushing long term residents out of town.

Graffiti and fliers are delivering hateful messages and even threatening violence.

Sam Chong is one of those tech workers hearing anti-tech messages. Chong said while he understands there is tension in San Francisco, it’s not fair to target one group.

“I’ve been a techie for 15 years,” Chong said. “I take umbrage to that and I get it living with all the changes.”

In the Mission, a new condo complex is a target for anti-tech graffiti.

Supervisor Scott Wiener says city leaders are working to ease the tension by focusing on building more affordable housing.

“We just purchased a site in the heart of the Mission to build affordable housing,” Wiener said.

San Francisco Police Department said that everyone should feel safe in the city. They are urging people to report graffiti by calling 311 so it can be painted over quickly.  

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