Teedra Moses Gets Cheeky With Her Fans

R&B singer gives an intimate performance at Yoshi's

"My dress is a little short, please spot me if you see a little cheek - I've gained some weight since the last time I wore this," Teedra half-joked.

This pretty much sums up R&B songstress, Teedra Moses - unabashed, playful, and always down to Earth. She performed a rare Bay Area show at Yoshi's San Francisco last week.

She opened up with her single, "You'll Never Find (A Better Woman)," which features Jadakiss on her Complex Simplicity debut album.  She also performed a few joints off her mixtapes, a cut she did with Raphael Saadiq called "I Want You Back," along with a cover of "Let Me Love You Down."  I was impressed with the breadth of the material she covered for only having one official release.

She's a super on point and talented live performer, not only for her silly and fun entertainment value but also as a true singer and stage presence.  Sadly, a solid live show isn't something you can grant even some of the most amazing recording artists.

Teedra's got it for sure.  And she writes all her own ish.

Constantly cracking jokes with the audience, Teedra made it feel like you were kickin it with your homegirl in your livingroom.  An audience member complimented her shoes and she kicked them up on some "Oh what? These?" ish.  She'd prance around and do a playful little dance at times, be on some forreal soul singer diva ish with expressions and gestures from a photographer's dream for a second, and then morph into jokester diva mode all the same.  "You're messing me up!" she chided someone singing along in the front row.

During her "photos" interlude with almost the sole lyric being "photos. photos," Teedra snapped into purposely overdone poses for the audiences to have at it with their cameras.  But it didn't stop there, she also grabbed an audience member's camera to get a few photos in of the audience - "now y'all see how it feels."  She ended the interlude by commending herself for her creative mid-show voice resting tactics.  We see you, girl.

"Make the lights make me look sexy," Teedra played.  Closing with her popular single, "Backstroke," I think it's safe to say Teedra knows damn well how to make herself look sexy.

Talent, grace, confidence, a loving sass rolled up all into one bombshell of a performer.  This show was a special one.

Seher Sikandar is a Bay Area-based photographer and writer who covers art and lifestyle events. Check out her portfolio at rehescreative.com.

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