Teen Arrested After Setting Off Fire Extinguisher Inside Crowded Novato Movie Theater

A Fairfield teen was arrested Wednesday after setting off a fire extinguisher in a crowded Novato movie theater during a screening of the film "Ford vs. Ferrari," Novato police said.

Joshua Meade, 18, was booked into county jail on multiple charges, including battery and vandalism, after the incident at the Rowland Cinemas, police said. Bail was set at $2,000.

Novato officers and detectives tracked down Meade after witnesses said he fled the scene at 44 Rowland Way in a red Ford Mustang. Meade was taken into custody at Novato Community Hospital, police said.

Several witnesses identified Meade as the person who set off the extinguisher, and based on those witness statements, police believe a second subject may have encouraged Meade to spray the extinguisher.

No injuries were reported nor did anyone need medical attention at the theater, police said.

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