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Teen Caught Shooting BBs in San Leandro Conjures Bad Memories for PD

A 13-year-old was caught shooting a BB gun from the back seat of a moving SUV on Thursday, reigniting a months-long investigation involving a “BB Gun Bandit” who caused $60,000 of property damage in a slew of San Leandro communities.

The latest attack occurred along East 14th Street, near 159th Avenue on Thursday evening. The boy was riding in a 2013 Jeep SUV. A 

Considering the young age of the boy, and that licensed driver was riding in the car with him, many San Leandro residents have questioned why the young boy was allowed to shoot the gun. Those witnesses claim that the gunman was hanging out the window from the backseat, brazenly picking his targets. 

The reason police are having a hard time writing this latest case off is likely because it conjures memories of a different – and serious – case that stumped officers and had residents cleaning out garages in order to park their cars inside.

At the time, SUVs similar to the one the 13-year-old was riding in had been captured on video blasting off BBs into neighborhoods, car windows and storefronts.

“Where are his parents? ...It’s definitely concerning,” said Davonte Williams. “Something should be done about it." 

Police are not linking the two shootings, but residents are bracing for a return in the BB-gun vandalism. 

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