Teen's Cell Phone Bill Tops $20,000

Think your cell phone bill is high?

You see it all the time, kids talking on their cell phones, looking down with their thumbs busy texting or downloading.

But now there's at least one Bay Area boy who won't be chatting, texting or syncing on his cell phone in the near future after running up an astronomical cell phone bill  -- nearly $22,000.

Ted Estarija of Hayward says his Verizon wireless bill soared after his 13-year-old son downloaded about 1.4 million kilobytes of data last month. Estarija's plan didn't cover data usage so he was charged by the megabyte.

Estarija says that after his story made the news Verizon credited his account for the entire amount.

Dad said he was expecting an increase in his data usage charges but not such a whopper of a bill. He has suspended the teen's account.

Some may say the real lesson of this story is: Check your data plan. But whatever happened to kids spending quality time in the real world?

That reminds Jessica Greene to upgrade her account to include unlimited texting.

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