Tel Aviv Doctors Update Tree Sitter's Condition

Veteran Bay Area activist Tristan Anderson remains in stable condition today and is gradually improving after being critically injured  Friday evening during a protest against the building of a separation barrier  in the Palestinian village of Naalin on the West Bank, according to his girlfriend.
The 38-year-old Oakland resident, who underwent surgery Friday evening to have part of his frontal lobe removed at Tel Hashomer hospital in Tel Aviv, has both good and bad days, his girlfriend Gabrielle Silverman said  today in a telephone interview.

"He's making small incremental improvements day by day but it's still a very scary situation here," Silverman said. "And it's still unclear to what extent there will be permanent damage to his brain."
Silverman said that at some point Anderson, who also sustained  major trauma to his right eye, would need to undergo reconstructive surgery.

Silverman said that she and Anderson's parents, who have arrived this week from the U.S., are most concerned about Anderson's brain and his life.

"We are here with him and we support him and love him," Silverman  said. "We spend a lot of time with him, his mother holding one hand, I hold  his other hand and we talk to him. People are in the hospital gathering here  all the time, bringing food and best wishes and we're making it through day by day.

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