San Francisco

Tempers Flare at Liberal Group's Rally Planning Meeting at UC Berkeley

Tempers flared Wednesday night at UC Berkeley when liberal activists wouldn't allow conservative groups into their planning meeting for this weekend's rallies in San Francisco and Berkeley.

The liberal group By Any Means Necessary posted fliers about the organizing meeting on campus. And when people with the College Republicans and Berkeley Patriots showed up, they were turned away.

University police were called to the scene to help sort out the disagreement. No injuries were reported.

Both sides said they plan to attend the Patriots Prayer rally in San Francisco on Saturday and the anti-Marxism event in Berkeley on Sunday. Both are predicting the other side will incite violence.

"These rallies won't be violent if the anti-fascist activists don't show up and stir up violence," one conservative said.

"We are calling on everybody; we can't have another Charlottesville. No more racist attacks," one liberal said.

In the end, the rally planning meeting was moved elsewhere, with the two sides shouting at each other as police stood watch, making sure the confrontation ended peacefully.

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