Terminal C'ya Later

Leaving San Jose is so much easier now

Do you know the way "out of" San Jose? It just got a whole lot easier.

On Tuesday morning, Norm Mineta International opened a new part of its airport loop.

You no longer need to navigate that abrupt twisty turn at Terminal C's baggage claim because that section of the building is no more.  

Gone. Destroyed. Vanished into thin air.

Most would say good riddance. Few tears were shed at the loss of that monument to bland, boring mid-20th century utilitarian architecture.  A few San Jose purists would say that is was a crappy airport, but it was our airport.

In it's place: Asphalt.

The airport loop now extends through the area where baggage carousels once stood, making it easier for drivers to get onto Highway 87, 101 and 880.

This is all part of a massive $1.3 billion renovation of the airport.

The new Terminal B is scheduled to open in June.

The rest of Terminal C is supposed to be demolished by Labor Day to make way for more parking.

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