Tesla Model X Involved in Crash Allegedly in Autonomous Mode

Just when we were beginning to see lots of the new Tesla Model X's on the road, another crash — this one with the electric SUV reportedly in autonomous mode.

The accident was in Pennsylvania, and while the driver says his Model X was in autonomous mode, nobody was hurt.

Nonetheless, critics of hands-free driving are still hitting Tesla: “This is a huge red flag,” said Jamie Court of Consumer Watchdog. “The fact is, the technology is not ready for the road, and drivers need to keep their hands on the wheel, on the brake, and on the pedal."

Authorities are looking into whether or not the car was actually in autonomous mode, and we’ll likely hear a lot more about this technology in the weeks to come.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration plans to release new guidelines for operating self-driving cars later this month.

Scott drives on Twitter: @scottbudman

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